About Salesforce Fox

Lord knows.. I love me a good Salesforce Demo.

Hands down, it is always my favorite part of Dreamforce or any other conference for that matter. I spent a lot of my time haunting my favorite demo sites because I really enjoy watching the masters show you how it’s done.

About the only thing I love more than a good demo is Trailhead. Whenever first dig into a new topic, Trailhead is where I begin. For me, it’s the best place to get my feet wet on what’s new, begin to wrap my brain around some cool functionality, and maybe play with the feature a little in a playground.

Trying to figure stuff out

But for me… there was always something MISSING.

How many times have you watch a demo or tried something new in a Trailhead Playground, and then went to try it out yourself scratch in a dev org or in your sandbox, and it … JUST. DIDN’T. WORK. At least, not like you THOUGHT it was going to work. Not like it seemed on that demo, so effortless, so easy.

The Salesforce work needs Trailhead and demos. The only problem with them both is they sometimes give us a different impression of the Salesforce development process — they give us the idea that the first draft should work, that troubleshooting is brief if needed at all, and we must be doing something wrong if we have a different experience.

I created Salesforce Fox to put a different viewpoint out there. The heart of this project is a Twitch Stream where I work through all kinds of Salesforce declarative configuration — completely live, unvarnished, exactly as it happens, warts and all.

Completely live, unvarnished, exactly as it happens, warts and all.

What I share on Twitch is what it really looks like when a Salesforce professional with 5+ years of experience sets out to learn something new… and it may be the first time you’ve ever seen it in such a public venue. It’s INTENDED to be raw and ephemeral, because that’s how figuring out Salesforce usually works. I repackage some of that to share here and on my YouTube channel when I find a special gem, but at it’s core, this not about polished presentation. It’s about failing forward.

I hope the Fox can be a guide and remind you that if your own efforts are messy sometimes, you’re doing it right.

Hayley Tuller, founder of Salesforce Fox