Grocery List

Grocery List App – Part 1

One of the things people always ask me is “How do I break into Salesforce without experience?” There are a ton of great answers to this question about networking and credentials, but my answer is almost always “Make something on Salesforce, just for yourself. Anything. Then do it again… and again. Be ready to show it off.” I think this is a great idea because not only will you be learning and developing, but when it comes time you’ll have something to show a hiring manager.

Immediately on the heels of finishing the UX Designer Cert, I’ve also been inspired to diversify away from just flow, flow, flow, and get back to my first love of designing solutions on Salesforce. I also have a few apps I’ve been wanting to build for myself, that I never find the time for, so… Let’s build an app together!

Enter: my grocery list. I keep a doc that lists all the things I MIGHT need from the store, sorted by the Aisle where I find them in my favorite store. I’ve been thinking it might be fun to make an app out of this, and add locations for those items in ALL my regular stores, so when it’s time to shop, I can just sort based on which store I’m in.

Whenever I start designing a solution, I like to spend a little time doodling the concepts. Usually I can get general themes and structure to emerge, so that’s where we’ve begun. Here’s the veryyyyy basic doodle of a entity relationship diagram that I came up with on this latest stream:

SUPER FANCY Architect-level Solution Design

Join me next time when I start building the basic data model. After that we’ll add user interface flair, maybe some automation, and then take it to the mobile app!

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