Streaming Next

Here are the exciting demos, ideas, documentation nuggets, and hacks that I’ve read about that I plan to stream next! Can I make these work?

The Stuff I Skip

Here are the “how to’s” for steps that I usually skip when I’m streaming:

Past Streams

06/24/2021 Salesforce Flowsome: How to use Fault connectors in 2 ways

This one was a HIT!! It’s simple, easy for even beginners to Flow, and really does a lot to help you help your users. Definitely one I’m adding to my tool kit.

05/19/2021 Unofficial SF: Validation Checker Flow Action

I’m calling this one “inconclusive…” I definitely got the flow error, but I didn’t get the one I WANTED to get. I can see how this would be ridiculously useful, though, and talked through some specific use cases.