Salesforce UX Designer

Salesforce UX Designer

I was really excited when Salesforce announced the new UX Designer Certification, and still more excited to see that they’ve made it a whole career path at Trailhead:

So often, these enthusiast sites and champion blogs focus on Salesforce automation, and that’s for good reason. It’s pretty freaking magical. Even on my own stream, the bulk of what I’ve done is automation, and specifically flow. It lends itself to the kind of bite-sized featurettes that are easy to share on social media, easy to consume along with your turkey sandwich for lunch.

This was a refreshing change to the kind of stretch-your-legs work that made me fall in love with Salesforce development in the first place. It’s a whole lot more than just styling lightning pages! It’s a deep dive into the whys, the hows, and the unintended consequences of UI design, with a health serving of the Salesforce Lightning Design System on the side.

I was thrilled to dust off my old Sociology Research Methods classes, along with soaking in all the delightful stuff that goes into doing “greenfield” work, or the kind of development where you’re starting from scratch, making a whole new thing. In most of my work, by the time a configuration gets to me, it’s because something has gone wrong, so we’re teasing out a knot to get to a cause and trying to set things aright. It’s great to see all the wisdom and practices that KEEP you from getting to that knotty mess in the first place getting showcased as is their right.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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