Summer ’21 Release Readiness Live Broadcasts

I have REALLY been enjoying the Salesforce Live Release Readiness broadcasts, I think in no small part because this project has helped me make it a priority to attend them. I always MEANT to go back and watch the videos, but sometimes your good intentions run headlong into a busy schedule, and well… you know how that goes. In case you’re still trying to be more diligent than I ever managed to be, here’s the video dump for Summer ’21.

ICYMI, last Friday’s Admin preview showcased a ton of great Flow improvements, and smarter minds then me have blogged about all these goodies, so I’ll leave it to them. However, today’s Sales Cloud broadcast called back to mind a feature that I don’t think has gotten enough love in all the highlights posts: Custom Report Types for Emails.

Hands down, this is my most underrated Summer ’21 feature. If you ever tried to figure out who and when Salesforce emailed before this, then you know the only option was this HORRIBLE log you could download that had little useful information in it. Over the last few years when talking to clients about whether to track an email interaction in Pardot or Salesforce, I have always pointed out that a con for the Salesforce side is “horrible email reporting.”

This continues the logical progression that has taken Emails in Salesforce from an Activity record to their own object with Enhanced Email, and I applaud it. Especially for nonprofits or public sector/government organizations that send email for more reasons than nursing a lead as a part of a marketing plan, being able to check if the email actually WENT directly from Salesforce is pretty huge.

So here’s the un-sung (or under-sung?) heroes of Summer ’21!

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