Using Fault Connectors to Give Custom Error Screens

One of the challenges with any kind of automation is when your users hit those scenarios you didn’t see coming, and are frustrated by those oh-so-unhelpful flow error messages. Melody over at Salesforce Flowsome gives us an easy way to provide our users with easier to read error messages as well as a better sense of security that their record edits haven’t disappeared into a black hole.

This one’s also fun because it’s a reminder of how the little things can throw you off course. I added a field to my screen flow to set the contact record’s title, but UTTERLY FORGOT to add it to my update action, so I spent several moments spinning my wheels trying to figure out why only part of my record update was happening! Real learning is messy, sometimes.

View the highlights at YouTube or see the full stream while it lasts on Twitch.

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