Validation Checker Flow Action

It’s no secret I’m an Superfan. I enthusiastically gobble up all the content, even the stuff I don’t really understand. Tonight I tried the Validation Check Flow Action from Eric Smith. Even though I couldn’t quite get it to error on the validation rule (due to some other stupid error of my own making which it dutifully reported) here’s my rating:

Serious Foxy Heart Eyes situation! I think this is ridiculously useful. Basically, the idea is that before you were to perform a Record Create or Record Edit, you can run your record past Validation rules to see if it passes. That alone is pretty useful — out of the box to get this same effect you’d have to build all that logic into your flow with decision elements, and if you have an object with a lot of them that can be tedious.

Another gem is you can bounce a Record Create element off your duplication rules. I can sincerely think of several use cases where I needed this! I tend to like to keep my validation rules set so they don’t alert because those alerts can cause problems with integrations (cough, form tools I’m looking at you), so I just report and clean up the mess on the flip side. Here’s a way to stop a lot of those dupes that you might be making with a key flow.

THE BEST PART is the flow outputs the actual text of the FLOW ERROR, so you can create meaningful feedback for your users or email yourself better details on why your flow failed. You could add specifics to identify the validation rule to the error text and make this little component quite useful.

Will definitely use this one again!

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