WELCOME to Salesforce Fox!

If you’re actually reading this, you’re either one of my SUPER early friends OR you’re actually me, looking back on the start of what I hope will be a really fun ride.

So… why a fox?

I never could get quite enough of the critters — I’m already on record on that count — so I went looking for one that wasn’t already taken. This project needed a face, a personality, and I choose the fox quite deliberately. In nearly every culture, the fox is synonymous with cunning. He’s clever and sly, but often he’s that and more. For the American Indians, foxes were wise spirits who helped those in need and punished the arrogant. To the Celts, foxes were shapeshifters who were guides through the spirit world.

I’m hoping this project will be all that and more! So, stay tuned, and let me know what you think.

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